We care – about you, your brand and your customers.

Being corporately responsible is part of our make-up at Mace.  Our success flows from our commitment to sound business principles, ethics and practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is critical to our clients and has always been a key focus area for Mace.  We’re not just “box-tickers”, we are committed to responsibly sourced products and protecting your brand.

Our CSR Team applies our stringent Ethical Code of Conduct which must be adhered to by all our supply chain partners. We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure we have constant collaboration with these suppliers.

We’re dedicated to ensure that everything we supply through our extensive global supply chain is produced in ethically sound environments.

Award Winning Global Supply Chain

Vodafone Group awarded us their “Most Responsible Global Supplier Award” for our outstanding performance in this area.

We continue to support and deliver operating efficiency and leveraging the merchandise category to deliver greater benefits to their business and others.  We’d be delighted to tell you more about the projects we have developed such as Project Labour Link in LCC and our South African Textile Co-Operative Project.

Making Merchandise Sustainable

Mace champions sustainability issues with clients worldwide. We promote a “sustainable” approach to merchandise by encouraging clients to implement some of our approved sustainability strategies.

Product Compliance

Product Safety & Compliance has become one of the single biggest areas of concern and risk within the merchandise industry.

We treat this very seriously and have an expert team in place to ensure that all products conform to the highest regulatory standards.

Rest assured, when sourcing from Mace that your product has come from reputable supply partners all safety and compliance issues are covered.

Quality Assurance

Our in house quality procurement team ensure products are certified through independent third-party testing and certification organizations.

International Standards

We have both ISO 9001 and ISO14001, the international Quality and Environmental Management System standards.

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